drainbow // Nov 10 2013 // Wallstreet, Phoenixphoto by Randy Cunningham

drainbow // Nov 10 2013 // Wallstreet, Phoenix
photo by Randy Cunningham

Drainbow - II & III


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The Phoenix based scorched psychedelic punk unit Drainbow continue their journey through the cassette underground they started with the self-titled debut. On two successive tapes, named simply “I” and “II” they experiment with different sounds (and substances, probably), crafting their own brand of droning, brooding sludgy psych, sometimes falling into the grips of dark ambience and feedbacking afterglow. Sonic hallucinations come and go as they entrench their guitars in layers upon layers of reverberation and distortion. Like watching a mirage on the desert when you try to hold on to your dear life. Something for the fans of Rahdunes. Recommended!

drainbow // Nov 23 2013 // Holy Mountain, Phoenix
photos by Ana Marie

Dogbreth // Nov 16 2013 // SG3 Skate Park, Prescott

drainbow // Nov 16 2013 // SG3 Skate Park, Prescott
photos by Erin Caldwell

Dogbreth // Oct 31 2013 // Cottage House, Flagstaff

Dogbreth // Oct 31 2013 // Cottage House, Flagstaff

There are some great shows coming up.
Oct 31: Drainbow, Dogbreth, Diners, Custody Battle, Shredface, Human Weather @ C. ST. Flagstaff AZ
Nov 10: The Body, Drainbow, Dross, Funerary, Humiliation @ Wall Street Phoenix AZ
Nov 16: I Don’t Give A Fest! Drainbow, Dogbreth, Diners, Hug of War, Windmill of Corpses, and more @ Gamers Trading Post (219 Cortez St) Prescott AZ
Nov 20: Pop. 1280, Blanche Beach, Body of Light @ Last Exit Live Phoenix AZ

drainbow’s III tape is sold out from tagobella, but can be purchased online from Holy Page, here. Blanche Beach’s tape is almost gone too, pick it up while you can here.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - epilogue - 11/12 june 13
we woke up between 6 and 6:30 to get ready and on the road by 7. hannah was going to drive with us to portland, where she was going to meet some friends. not long after we left seattle, we broke down on the freeway, near federal way. getting the van and trailer towed was a hassle, but we eventually got it to a shop, where we found out the alternator needed to be replaced. we walked across the street to a mall to eat while we waited. the break down set us back about five hours, but everyone kept cool and we got back on the road. i had a show with another band in phoenix wednesday night. so we didn’t have time to stop, if i was going to make it to the show. we drove straight through the night, rotating drivers, eating gas station food, and getting more and more cramped and restless. we got to phoenix at 7:15pm, wednesday, having driven somewhere around 32 hours total. we unloaded my bass gear and isaac, brad, and tristan headed to their homes. thanks to everyone who helped set up a show, played with us, let us stay at their house, bought tapes, hung out, or were really cool to us.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - seattle - 10 june 13
i woke up around eight. brad was already awake and down the street getting coffee. nathan, isaac, legs, and i met him down there. our friend hannah, from santa cruz, met us down there. she was at the show the night before and was going to ride with us to seattle. before we left, we went downtown to rainy day and phantom city. i found some great records at both stores and got an veggie dog across from phantom city. we headed back to seattle and met up with zach and jacob. we went to the beach and got banh mi. we drove to hollow earth radio, where the show was going to be, and hung out there till the show started. drainbow played first, around 9:30. the sound in the room was great. blanche beach followed. there were a lot of mixed feelings, since it was the last show of the tour. everyone played great. our friends mega bog played last. totally great. it was a really fun show. we loaded up the gear and said goodbye to nathan; he was staying with other friends that night and we wouldn’t see him before we left in the morning. we went to get food before going to zach’s house to crash.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - olympia - 9 june 13
brad and i went to the muddy cup, a coffee shop down the street from zach’s house. isaac met us there shortly. our show in olympia was originally booked as a matinee show, then moved to a night show. we found out it was again moved to the afternoon, so we got things ready and left for olympia around noon. the show was at a house called miami beach, where our friend camille (from sharkpact, hail seizures, the chain) lives. the show was a “punk rock brunch,” lots of punks and food were there when we arrived. we hung out for a bit before the show started. we played with legs (from siren songs), cry havok, space dust, and bitpart (from france). blanche beach played third, drainbow followed them. everyone there was really awesome and into the show. and the other bands were so great. my older brother and his wife live outside of olympia and made it to the show. afterwards, i went to dinner with them at darby’s. they dropped me back off and the house, where i met everyone else after they got pizza. most of us walked back downtown to a karaoke bar. it was pretty cold out. tristan, isaac, and i walked back after a couple hours. we stayed the night at miami beach.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - seattle - 8 june 13
nathan, isaac, and i went to pick tristan and our friend erin (from iji) to meet some of isaac’s friends at stumptown in belmont. we met brad and cameron there also. we hung out for a little bit and headed for seattle around noon. i was in and out of sleeping the drive up. we went to our friend ben’s house to drop nathan’s bike off. while trying to get back on the freeway, we got stuck in baseball traffic downtown. we stopped at a music store to fix nathan’s snare drum, ate at a burger place down the street, and headed to the show. the show was at the 5010 house. we loaded our gear up a narrow stairway to the living room. the house was cool. colin, who booked the show, ran it really well. there were so many people there. the house was packed. our friends haley and amy from phoenix were there. the first guy was awesome. he played a drum machine and looped beats, layered guitars, did cool vocals. the second band, ice teeth, had some sweet guitar sounds. drainbow played third. blanche beach followed. it was cool, people were really into it. colin’s band, ubu roi, played last, and were awesome. we loaded our gear back up. nathan stayed with haley, and the rest of us stayed with zach from iji. we walked down the street to get food and back to zach’s house to sleep.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - portland - 7 june 13
we had thursday (june sixth) off. we spend most of the day in salem doing laundry, cleaning the van, showering. i got to hang out with my friend sarah and her son elliot. in the afternoon, we went to silver creek falls. i stayed the night in salem, and the rest of the guys went up to portland. we were supposed to have friday (june seventh) off as well, as we were unable to get a show in portland. we got on a last minute show with our friends iji, from seattle. it was at a house called the alice coltrane memorial coliseum. we were able to hop on at the beginning and play a combined set. we got there around 7:30 and unloaded our gear and set up. the show didn’t get started until a little after 9. blanche beach started the show, they played four songs. we did a pretty seamless change to drainbow, and played three songs. a lot of former phoenix people were there. everyone there was really cool and into it. iji and jason anderson were fun. tristan stayed with his friends in iji, brad stayed with his friend cameron, and nathan, isaac, and i stayed with nathan’s friend paul.
blanche beach / drainbow tour - salem - 5 june 13
i woke up around six to get ready, everyone else got up around 6:30. we headed out at seven and started towards salem. we had an entire day of driving ahead of us. isaac, for the first time, took a break from driving and tristan took over for a few hours. we got to salem at 8:15. we played a house called burial grounds. nate, who runs eternal warfare and plays in a few bands here, booked the show. we loaded our gear out and set up. blanche beach played first. we were a little worried at first about our reception, but people were really into us. blanche beach rocked. drainbow played next. a few of my friends who live here came to watch us. everyone there was really nice. wounded giant, from seattle, played after us, and were totally awesome. the fools and nulla cur, both local groups, played last. it was a really great show. people there were awesome. it’s nice to be back in salem. we stayed with my friends jeremy and sarah. we got to their house around one in the morning, ate a little bit, and went to sleep.