drainbow tour - phoenix - june 1 ‘12

We played the Trunk Space tonight with Sinbad, Tugboat, Diners, and Dogbreth. Sinbad and Diners are leaving for tour together also. The show started at nine, a little later that usual, it was nice. Sinbad was first. I saw him a few nights ago at Funny World. Nathan, Tristan (Dogbreth), and I played as kapala that night. Tugboat and Diners played next. We played with Diners last week here too. We opened our set with a jam we had played only once together a few hours earlier at practice, that was developed earlier this week at Funny World as kapala. It turned out great. It was the first time playing out of Erin’s amp. I really like the way it sounds. I think the levels tonight were the best we’ve had. It helped the dynamics in the newers songs. I feel like it was one of our tighter sets. The transistions were smooth. The few slips sounded alright too. We ended with SK, playing faster than normal, it was really cool. Dogbreth closed the show. People really dig them. Erin spent some time after working out the best way to fit the gear in the van. We’re leaving Phoenix tomorrow afternoon for Tucson.

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