drainbow tour - tucson - june 2 ‘12

We met at Nathan’s house at 3:30 to finish loading up. We cleared out our practice space. Tristan and Erin got food at Green. We leave Phoenix until 5:30, Nathan was waiting to pick up his front rack for his bike. He was worried about how well the bike rack on the car would stay, so Brad and I stayed behind them to make sure a strap didn’t come loose. On the way to down, Brad and I listened to The Mountain Goats “Tallahassee,” Chili Peppers “Uplift Mofo Party Plan,” and Pearl Jam live June 2003 hour-long acoustic set. About 30 minutes out of Phoenix there was a traffic back up from an accident. A car had flipped over down the side of the freeway and caught on fire. The fire was out by the time we passed it, but it looked brutal. When we were nearly to Tucson we saw another vehicle flipped over on the side of the freeway. We got here at 7:20. We played at the Pound, the first floor of a house in a compound-looking group of houses. Our friends Christian, Angelo, and Caroline were already there. Tristan and Erin went to Logan’s house to drop off their dog, Quark. Logan set up the show. There was a good turn-out. There was a group of kids from a high school class Logan taught this semester that came. Christian and Angelo played a combined set, and made powerful and captivating sounds. One of the best times I’ve seen them. We played after them. We asked Tristan to join us on the new jam (which we’re calling “Miracle Mile” now, named after the exit we took off the 10 to get to the house). It was a tight fit for all four of us, but it worked. It sounded good in the room. We played a couple songs we hadn’t in awhile. I really like how Erin’s amp sounds. People seeemed to be into it. Kids were dancing and moving around. I liked the feeling there. We played a tight 20 as usual and then Dogbreth went on. People were singing along to their set. A cool thing to see. Brad, Caroline, and I stood in the doorway behind them while they played. Logan played next. His music is great and he’s such a nice person. We loaded up and decided where to eat. We stayed at Logan’s house. He drove us all around after the show to get food and Tristan and Erin went swimming. We slept in his living room on trendel beds and watched the Matrix. I fell asleep not 10 minutes into it. It was warm in the room, and I woke up at 5:40 and couldn’t fall back asleep. Brad did too. We left to find someplace to eat and use wifi. We’re not sure where in the city we are, but Brad has never gotten lost before. We found food and water but no wifi. We’re back at the house, sitting in the backyard, waiting for other people to wake up. Brad is playing guitar. It’s cooler outside right now, but it’s definitely going to get hotter. We’re leaving for San Diego in a few hours.

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