drainbow tour - san diego - june 3 ‘12

Brad in front of a photo installation of Lightning Bolt

Brad and I drove around some more before everyone woke up. We ate at the co-op in Tucson before we left. Most of us got vegan BLTs, they were great. We left around 12. The drive wasn’t too bad. One of the straps on the bike rack came loose, but didn’t have many other problems with it. Brad and I tried to get more sleep on the road. Brad had a hard time falling asleep, even with ear plugs. When he took over, I dosed off really fast. We stopped a few times for gas and stuff. The drive was pretty uneventful. It was overcast when we got into San Diego. We got to the Che Cafe at 6:30. The room is really cool, and it was beautiful outside. Christian and Angelo played this show also. We decided to play the first jam of our set all together. They played first. Christian has awesome vocal parts. We went on, with six of us playing. It sounded good, especially for not having played it together before. At some point, the mallet on Nathan’s kick pedal came out. We stopped before the last song so he could fix it. The room sounded really good. Dogbreth played next, to much excitement. Colony, a band from San Diego but living in LA now, played. Kids played last. Matt, one of the guitarists, set the show up. I really liked their drummer’s style. He played a small kit and had a lot of control over it. They were fun. A lot of people came out for the show. We loaded up and said goodbye to Christian, Angelo, and Caroline.We stayed with Syndey, a friend of Tristan and Erin. They had a big living room and a few couches. Nathan and Amy stayed in the “dungeon,” a small, carpeted storage space with an outside entrance. Brad and I are up again early. I got more sleep than in Tucson. We have more leisure today, since our show is only a couple hours away. We were planning on playing with Christian and Angelo again at their show in LA on the 4th (as “the Big R”, referencing the misspelling of our name, written dRainbow, that shows up on some fliers, typically from the Trunk space but it’s shown up on one of the tour fliers also). Our show on the 4th was on and off for a bit, but Tristan’s friend arranged a show in West Covina with a couple other bands.

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