drainbow tour - west covina - june 4 ‘12

Amy has been taking all the pictures of us

I was up around 6:30, as usual (Tristan’s started calling me “Farmer John”, for waking up so early everyday). Brad and I went to Santos, a coffee shop down the street from Sydney’s. Brad bought Jack Iron’s solo album to listen to on the road. By the time we got back to the house Tristan and Erin were awake. Nathan and Amy came in from the dungeon and we left to get lunch with Sydney and her boyfriend, Blaine. We found out he plays in a crust/hardcore band called Age of Collapse. We went to Pokez in downtown, a Mexican restaurant that has great vegan food. I had been there the last time I came to San Diego. Amy is friends with the owner’s son, who took care of the bill. The food was great. We went to Record City and Thirsty Moon, both really cool record stores. We drove back to the house, talked for a bit then head out. Sydney and Blaine were awesome and really hospitable. Brad and I fell behind the van when we were getting on the freeway. The freeway was moving surprisingly well. The drive was under two hours. We listened to Jack Irons “Attention Dimension”, DJ Rectangle “Dirty Needles”, and The Kleptone’s “Yoshimi Battles the Hip-Hop Robots”. We got groceries down the street from the show. The show was in the garage of a friend of one of the local bands playing. The bands played facing the garage door, amps almost blocking the back door exit. They closed the garage door when bands played. It was cool to see how many people came out on such short notice. The show was booked two days before. You Me & Us played first. They’re a two-piece from Plam Springs area and booked the show. They were so good. Dogbreth played next. Nathan has been wearing the same shirt while playing all tour, and air drying it after. I didn’t get close enough to tell for sure, but I think I could smell it from where I was standing. We played next, all songs from the first tape. We opened with 1029, which we hadn’t played in a few months at least, and Watt, which we haven’t played on tour yet. It sounded good. Since the room was small, we couldn’t set up the amps behind Nathan like we had been doing, and he couldn’t hear me and Brad. So we missed a few parts, but overall it was good. People were into it. La Bella played last. They’re a hardcore band with latin & jazz parts from West Covina. I was excited that we got to play with them and You Me & Us. We tore stuff down and loaded up. The girl who lived there had a big dog that they brought out after the show. He met Quark, Erin’s dog, got freaked out, and attacked him. It was scary, and Quark was pretty shaken up but wasn’t hurt. We couldn’t find a house to stay for the night, so we got a motel room. I fell asleep pretty fast. I’m slowly getting more sleep each night. We have today off. We’re going to spend it in LA.