drainbow tour - los angeles - june 5 ‘12

We had the day off, so we decided to do a few things in LA. Brad’s friend Converse lives in Silverlake, so we set a time to meet him at a vegan place to Flore. Nathan and Amy went across the street to Vacation Records, and Tristan and Erin walked Quark. While we waited for Converse outside Flore, I saw Chelsea Perretti, a comedian that I like, walk into the restaurant. That was distracting me for awhile. Converse showed up and we talked for awhile. Converse was at our first show at YOBS in September 2010. He’s going film school here. We walked down the street and saw another one of Brad’s friends, Jimmy. A really nice, positive person. We decided to go to the Old Zoo and Converse led the way there. It was a pretty crazy place. Amy was swinging from cage bars above very steep stair wells. We hung out there for a couple hours. We headed to Amoeba. I had a few things I planned to look for, otherwise I’d be lost in there. I got Ciccone Youth “The Whitey Album,” David Cross “It’s Not Funny,” GZA “Liquid Swords,” and Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner at the Cannes Film Festival. We only spent an hour in there, though it seemed a lot longer. We got a place to stay with a friend of a friend in North Hollywood. We headed there, got here around 8:30. Tristan and Erin cooked food. Nathan, Amy, and Brad went to an Italian place, and I got Thai food. Nathan and Amy were out late, but the rest of us fell asleep back here. Four of us slept on the floor. Nathan and Amy slept on the pull out bed. We’re playing tonight in Escondido, back down near San Diego. We’re going to leave around 10.

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