drainbow tour - escondido - june 6 ‘12

We left the house we stayed at in North Hollywood around 10:30. Nathan and Amy told us about their night with Nathan’s friend, going to a couple crazy karaoke bars. We headed for Santa Monica to go to the beach. Brad and I went to a music store so he could get a tremelo bar for his strat. When we met back up with them at the beach, Nathan showed us his cartwheeling and hand springing abilities. Tristan and Erin were kicked off the beach by the “ocean manager” because dogs weren’t allowed. We went to Whole Foods to get food and headed towards Escondido. We hit our first toll booth on tour. We got to the room, called The Metaphor, a few hours before the show. We walked around to check out the city. The venue was a little weird. It was a cafe/bar and had a typical bar stage room that was really dark with a few color lights constantly flashing. Nathan and Amy went somewhere to get dinner, and the rest of us ate Mexican food next to the venue while we waited for the show to start. The bands we played with were good and very nice. Mostly pop-punk bands, a couple from California and one on tour from the east coast. The people that came out seemed indifferent though, a lot of people talked outside most of the time. Maybe 4 or 5 people were in the room while bands were playing. The Accoutrements (San Diego) played first, then American Lies, who are friends with Tristan. Linkletter played next. Drainbow went on fourth. We lost the adapter to use Nathan’s 8 track with the synth samples, so he had to use just his guitar to build noise at the beginning. The room sounded bad. It had hard tile floors. Everything sounded too loud and harsh. We missed a couple parts on the first two songs. The flashing lights were a little disorienting. Circumstances were just not ideal for live music and our kind of music in specific. I hadn’t played a bar like this since I was 17. It did feel cool when we started to build nosie at the beginning of our set, because it was so different from the other bands. It was refreshing to me. We ended with Watt, and it sounded really good. We extended the hits at the end of the song a lot longer. It really pounded in the room. Dogbreth played next. There was a guy in the room who heckled them in between songs. It was a bummer. When confronted though, he backed down. He was just a dumb, drunk guy. They played a shorter set. We tore stuff down and loaded up. The show was a good practice of patience. And I was happy that we got to play instead of having another night off. The Fake Boys, from Massachusetts, played last. Gabe, the guitarist from American Lies, offered us his apartment to stay for the night. He lives in West Covina. On the way out of Escondido, we stopped at Denny’s. We got here a little after 3 am. Gabe was really great and his place was nice. We’re heading to Santa Barbara today.